Stay up to date because Software doesn’t age like wine, it ages like Milk

Stay up to date because Software doesn’t age like wine, it ages like Milk

Not every theory is applicable in every instance. Say, for example, software. It won’t age as the way wine would! We know there is a hell and heaven difference between the two, but the idea of this comparison is that it is not a very good idea to continue with old software. Unlike cheese or wine, a software, at no cost and circumstance will improve with the passing time. It will instead become technically obsolete and functionally unstable. At worse, an aged software will invite security threats. Therefore, gone are the days when you will consider hanging onto something for as long as possible as smart and economical. In case of software, it isn’t. You ought to look beyond the perceived notion for the sake of other vital facts.

Few of the most unwanted predicaments arising from continued use of outdated software are-

Possibilities of a data breach

In case of data breaches of which you may have heard a few instances of, a lot of sensitive information is often leaked. Date of birth, home address, and other pieces of information are among the few. The major Equifax data breach that took place in the United States of America. Millions and millions of American lost their sensitive information to the hackers. The major regret being a security patch was available three months prior and the firm somehow failing to update its users, hence the loss. We at Cognisun learn from the mistakes of others, and provide unparalleled software development services India is known for. Free from exploitable holes and bugs, our software is sure to suffice the modern-day security challenges.

Compromising on the better

Why do that? Why would you compromise on the better things? A new software, that’s built on the modern source code is polished like a shiny new thing. It is up to date concerning every aspect that makes a software worthy. On the other hand, an old one would miss the nuances. That is unlikely. Here at Cognisun, we are an IT software development company who develops high-quality software for the leading platforms in the world.

You can be a threat to your friends

Ensuring up to date software means your friends and colleagues are safe while to-ing and fro-ing files and emails. A good web development company and mobile app development company will deliver software that is free from security risks and won’t transact viruses. At Cognisun you can jolly well expect the same.

Considering the above, it becomes clear that not everything can be theorized similarly. If you are dealing with software, in any way, like as a distributor or even as an end user like a user of a banking software or a store record software, mobile platform apps, you may happen to stumble upon predicaments, if you are using an outdated version of the software. The IT industry is by far one of the most dynamic in the world. Today’s current is tomorrow’s obsolete. Many technical aspects are often abode by while coding software. Good software is not just smooth concerning performance but is functionally stable, technically advanced and secure at the same time.

We at Cognisun would be glad to assist you with software design, development, and maintenance, when you need it, where you need it. Cognisun has got the bool of best software developers India and strives to be an industry leading software outsourcing company where we provide web development, mobile app development, digital marketing and IT consultancy services.

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